Tribal Law is a unique practice area involving the sovereign Native American tribes. Our attorneys recognize these unique issues and are able to offer a broad range of experience. Our attorneys provide expertise in tribal gaming issues and litigation matters.

History of Gaming in Oklahoma

In 1988, Congress passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA), which provided a regulatory framework for Indian gaming.  The IGRA offered states a voice in determining the scope and extent of tribal gaming by requiring Tribal-State compacts for Class III gaming.  Currently, there are 33 compacts with tribes and the state of Oklahoma. Tribal regulatory authority over Class II gaming was left to the tribes.  The IGRA further provided for general regulatory oversight at the federal level and created the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC.) The NIGC has authority to promulgate regulations and guidelines to implement the provisions of the IGRA. Generally, tribal gaming falls under the following laws and regulations:

NIGC Regulations

DOI Gaming Regulations

IGRA Criminal Laws and Penalties

Indian Gaming Regulatory Act

Johnson Act

Tribes in Oklahoma have successfully developed gaming enterprises, which have resulted in opportunities for tribes and for those individuals and entities who conduct business with tribes. Our firm offers clients the resources of experienced Tribal gaming law attorneys. We are committed to providing tribal governments, organizations, and vendors efficient, effective, and high-quality legal representation.

Oklahoma tribal gaming law matters require an extensive knowledge of the applicable laws and administrative regulations relevant to gaming.  When you need an attorney to handle a native and tribal gaming matter, we have the reputation, experience and knowledge to handle your case. Our attorneys will work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy for your specific case and circumstances. At our firm, every client is our most important client and your legal issue will receive the personal attention it deserves.