Traffic Tickets

If you have been issued a ticket, payment of the fine means you plead guilty and admit to the charge. Payment results in a conviction on your record plus the fine. By paying your ticket and pleading guilty or no contest, you have the possibility of increased insurance rates and DPS adding points to your driving history. A person with no tickets will have zero points on his or her license. After the payment of a ticket and a conviction, DPS will assign points to your record based on the offense. Point values range from one to four based on the severity of the offense. If a person accumulates 10 or more points within five years, his/her license will be suspended. Points are deducted by two for each 12 month period in which there are no convictions of any traffic violations (violations which carry points). In addition, two points are deducted for successful completion of a DPS-approved Driver Compliance or Defensive Driving Course. Reductions for completion of these courses can be given once every 24 months.

If you fight the ticket and it’s dismissed or adjudication is withheld, it’s like it never even happened and insurance companies will never find out, saving you thousands in additional fees.

Common traffic violations include:

● Speeding in excess of the posted limit
● Speeding in a school zone
● Failure to yield right of way
● Failure to stop at a stop sign
● Failure to obey a traffic signal
● Improper lane change
● Driving while your license is suspended

Law enforcement agencies in the Tulsa area are notorious for giving out tickets left and right. Our firm has is dedicated to defending those issued traffic citations. Contact our office to have your case handled by one of our professional, experienced traffic ticket attorneys.

Never Plead Guilty or No Contest to CDL Violations in Oklahoma without first talking to an experienced Tulsa traffic ticket attorney. Contact our office for a consultation.