Manufacturers, retailers and distributors face unique legal challenges and exposure to claims of defects. Our attorneys have extensive experience with the rules, regulations and statutes that control manufacturing and distribution of products. We specialize in the unique legal problems faced by manufacturers and distributors and have successfully defended clients against product defect claims.

We understand that every product is unique. In this highly specialized and complex area of law, our attorneys utilize the most prominent experts to ensure a complete understanding of the issues facing our clients. Examples of product liability claims include the following:

Auto and truck defects – including defects in vehicle design (e.g., rollover accidents) and defects in part design (e.g., tires, treads, brakes, axles, gas tank location, airbags and other safety features).

Motorcycle and all terrain vehicle defects – including defects in vehicle design (e.g., ATV rollover accidents) and defects in part design (e.g., motorcycle and ATV tires).

Defective manufacturing equipment – including defective industrial machinery (e.g., unsafe punches, malfunctioning presses, defective forklifts and conveyor belts).

Dangerous consumer products – including defective products and failure to warn cases (e.g., choking hazards and flammable children’s clothing).

Dangerous medical devices – including defective medical equipment (e.g., diagnostic and treatment devices used in hospitals and doctor’s offices).

Our attorneys defend products liability claims in both federal and Oklahoma state courts.

We offer proactive measures to assist our clients in minimizing the risk of future exposure. Our experienced attorneys work closely with our clients to develop and implement a strategy appropriate for the case and client.