In general, professional medical malpractice occurs when a health care provider does not act in accordance with the standard of practice of acceptable care and treatment, resulting in injury or loss suffered by an individual beyond their initial condition. Included in this definition are situations such as failure to diagnose, incorrect diagnosis, failure to secure patient consent and administering inadequate treatment. Laws pertaining to medical negligence are often complicated, but the medical negligence lawyers at our firm are experienced in all facets of medical malpractice defense.

We believe that the great majority of our American health care professionals provide a superior level of treatment to their patients – each day working tirelessly and fighting for the better health of every person that walks through their doors. However, in these litigious times, it is often health care providers that are first in the line of blame. Quality, available healthcare is a concern for everyone, but often the expectation of patients is unrealistic – and lawyers are there to pursue their complaints. This is why our attorneys at are available to consult, represent and defend health care professionals accused of medical negligence.

Representation of physicians and other health care providers is a highly specialized area of the law. Cases in this area also often involve complex relationships between many parties because of the countless, dedicated providers who render care. These cases are typically have multiple defendants, and involve millions of dollars in possible damages. Our attorneys have expertise in defending health care providers facing professional liability claims. We have experience successfully resolving such professional liability cases involving individual claims against the professional or in insurance defense matters both at trial and through alternative dispute resolution.

When you need an attorney to handle a medical malpractice defense, we have the reputation, experience and knowledge to handle your case. Our attorneys will work with you to develop a comprehensive litigation strategy. At our firm, every client is our most important client. Whether you are a solo practitioner or a multi-physician practice, your medical malpractice defense will receive the personal attention it deserves.