Contracts and business agreements provide the necessary framework for a business to operate and grow. It is imperative the substance of those contracts serves the best interests of the business and advances its goals. In an effort to ensure your business is fully protected in contractual matters, you can turn to our experienced business law attorneys for creation, negotiation and enforcement of your agreements.

Our attorneys understand the needs of businesses, and the necessity that all transactions and contracts are handled in the most efficient and effective way possible. Such contracts include those with customers, suppliers, and any other individual or entity that is vital to the operation of a business. Our firm puts its business law experience to work in order to ensure the success of each transaction and contract negotiation on behalf of our clients.

Our attorneys are experienced with a wide range of contract matters,  including, but not limited to, the following:

Mergers and acquisitions;

Sale or purchase of a business;

Shareholder agreements;

Partnership agreements;

Operating agreements;

Real estate contracts, including purchases, zoning issues, land use, and leasing;

Construction contracts, including development and financing issues;

Employment contracts, including severance and termination issues.

Our attorneys understand that every business and contract is unique, and we take the time to learn about your business operations.  Our goal is to provide each client with the most relevant and effective representation possible.