Civil litigation can be defined as:

“A lawsuit. Legal action, including all proceedings therein. Contest in a court of law for the purpose of enforcing a right or seeking a remedy. A judicial contest, a judicial controversy, a suit at law.”

A broad and vague definition, but also true. Civil Litigation involves many diverse controversies. Any dispute, no matter how small or large, can erupt in litigation. In the civil arena this can involve many different areas of the law from personal injury, to breach of contract, to fraudulent behavior and everything in between. The type of relief in a civil suit is also varied. One can sue for money damages, an injunction (keeping someone from doing something), and/or specific performance (forcing someone to do something), to name some examples. The type of relief one can receive is dependent on the type of case and, in some cases, limited by the other types of relief available.

The firm’s civil litigations services include the following types of claims: