adoption law Tulsa, OK

Adoption is the legal process that establishes a parent/child relationship between individuals who are not related by blood. Once the adoption is completed, the adoptive child becomes entitled to all the privileges belonging to a natural child of the adoptive parent(s), and the adoptive parent(s) acquire(s) all the legal rights, duties, and obligations of the child’s natural parents.

Our attorneys help individuals, couples and families start and expand their family unit through adoption. There are many children out there that deserve a loving home, and we take pride in helping couples provide that care and stability. Our firm handles all aspects of adoption placements, well as helping parents from all cultural backgrounds and places in society who have chosen adoptive placement. Careful planning and the proper selection of a professional is key to a successful and beautiful plan.

Our adoption attorneys handle all forms of adoption, including:

Stepparent adoptions

Relative and grandparent adoptions

Domestic adoptions

Often times these are joyous occasions, but sometimes the circumstances surrounding the adoption can be difficult. As you focus on the interpersonal situations at play, we will carry the legal burden, ensuring the rights of all persons involved are protected.

If there are known parents in the picture, we will seek out these individuals and complete the needed legal steps to ensure that the adoption continues with as little interruption as possible. To be completed, this will include a termination of that parent’s parental rights.

In some cases, it may be advisable to pursue a guardianship rather than an adoption. This allows an adult to provide care and decision making for a minor, if the parent is unable to do so for a period of time. This can include the parent leaving the country or becoming ill/incapacitated. The guardianship is in effect for a period of time, after which the parent is allowed to re-enter the picture and take back parental rights.